Old Iron Replication  - Specializing in Allis Chalmers G Implements
G-3 Pin Break Single Row***Currently we are not producing the Single Row Cultivator. If demand increases I may start again.***

Single Row Cultivator

Four models are available:
G-2 Spring tooth Single Row
G-3 Pin Break Single Row
The G-3 is shown to the right & below
G-4 Economy Single Row
When Spring Trip Shanks are available we offer the G-1         Spring Trip.

Reproduction Spreader Clamp for G 
One Row Front Cultivator Spreader Bar. 
Part # 6316544

Reproduction Plant
Shields for
the G One Row
Part # 611120A


Reproduction Left & Right Spreader Arch for the G One Row Cultivator. Part #'s  RH # 6319786
LH # 6319787

Reproduction Shank Clamp Block
for G One Row Cultivator.
Part # 6316012 and

Reproduction Shank U Bolt &
Nuts for G One Row Cultivator.
Part # 6316010


Reproduction Spring Tooth
for the G One Row Cultivator
Part # 6321945A


Reproduction Right Hand and Left Hand Gang Bar Assembly for G One Row Cultivator. Right Hand Part # 6316432, Left  Hand Part # 6316433



Reproduction Pin Break Shank
Assembly for G Single Row Part #6935200




6"  Sweep Part # 611113         
8"  Sweep Part # 611114        
2" x 11" x ¼" Point Part # 611116       

G-4 Economy Single Row Cultivator.        

Restoration Arches and Clamps above.

Economy Arches and Clamps below.

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