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Potato Digger

The digger worked pretty well given it was a light crop, a little too wet, too weedy and very hard ground. As long as the potatos are hilled up nice and high, this digger works very good.

Multi-row Planters

The idea here is that I would sell the mounting brackets to you and you would purchase the planter units from Hoss thereby saving mucho on shipping fees. I mounted the planters on parallelograms so that they would follow the contour of the field. Well, they followed the field ok, but the units needed to pivot on the parallelograms separate from the planters. So I added another pivot point at the bottom of the mount and they really followed the terrain well except then there wasn't enough pressure on the rear-drive wheel so they were skipping a lot of seeds. I am going the try putting down pressure on the drive wheel with a rod and spring. I think the 3 units ready to plant would go for about $800.00 to $900.00 vs. Planter Jr. for $ 2,950.00 and JPH-U Jang at $3,150.00. We'll see what happens.

12" Rear Wheel Spacers

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